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Egbert Mulder Quote1

“I decided then in 2011, so eight years ago, to spend the rest of my working life so to say in the promoting of yoga and meditation for leaders. For executives in organizations. Simply because I realized that it means so much for people to stay healthy and to stay calm. To stay servant and mindful in these chaotic times.”

Egbert Mulder Quote2

“And I realized in this era, in this time we should have another focus. Have another focus on leadership, have another focus on organization. So then I realized that mindfulness and meditation might be useful, or actually it is necessary for leadership. But there should be another pillar on leadership as well. And that is sustainability, or circularity as I call it. So then I decided to combine self-awareness, which has to do with being servant, and mindful, and authentic etcetera. And combining that with planetary awareness.” 

Egbert Mulder Quote3

“It certainly has to do with developing awareness that we have to take care of this planet, and that this planet is having a fever so to say, or is sick, and that we have to contribute to the vitality and the health of the planet. So that is a changing awareness that you see. You see it everywhere, let’s say the rise of popularity of yoga and meditation all around the world. Sometimes people say, the interest in meditation or the interest in yoga, is cause by stress., or by these chaotic times. Well, there’s a ground in that, there’s certainly a reason to believe that. But on the other hand, if people start practicing meditation and yoga, they are not only released from stress but they also develop a more, let’s say eagle view, or more overview. And that is one of the biggest advantages that I see people experience once they start with yoga and meditation.” 

Egbert Mulder Quote4

“The interesting things is, and in that way we can compare meditation or mindfulness with the Trojan horse. So when you start with this, there’s also a different awareness that will develop, and that is that people are getting less egoistic, and are developing a more broader view on the world, and also their purpose as a leader, their responsibility as a leader. I think that if you start doing mindfulness, if you start practicing meditation, your whole view of the world will get much bigger and wider. You will actually be much more aware of the situation and the health of the planet. And people will also realize there is no planet B. There’s only one planet. Leadership should also be, of maybe even mainly be about preserving the planet. And actually it should be preserving human life on the planet. Because the planet will survive, even when we pollute it much more than we do now. But life will have it very hard to sustain on a planet that is heavily polluted.” 

Egbert Mulder Quote5

“I think the real misconception on, let’s say, circular leadership is that if we reduce the damage that organizations and factories actually produce, that that will be enough for a healthy planet.” 

Egbert Mulder Quote6

“Leaders, or actually everyone, has the responsibility for the future and the health of the planet.”


Egbert Mulder Quote7

“Well, we came for the moon but discovered the earth.”

Egbert Mulder Quote8

“Astronauts have developed this awareness. What I call, planetary awareness. And that is something leaders should also develop in my view. So leaders should develop self-awareness and planetary-awareness.” 

Egbert Mulder Quote9

“Well, as I said, in my view Leadership 4.0, so circular leadership, should be about restoring the vitality and the health of the planet. If you have a company, or let’s say you are the CEO of a large organization. What we see now now is that people do damage control. So they say well, we have a footprint, we use energy, but let’s bring that back 20- or 30% for the next 10 years. In my view organizations have a responsibility, let’s say corporate responsibility, to actually restore all the damage they have done to the planet.” 

Egbert Mulder Quote10

“Then, what they should do is they should work on restoring the damage that they have caused during the existence of this company. So, since the moment this organization was founded.” 

Egbert Mulder Quote11

“So, what do leaders need? One of them is that they should have a vision. They should have a clear idea about the role of their organization in the future and how to lead that organization towards that new position. Another thing is they need to be creative. The challenges that we are facing now, at this time. The first time that actually humanity is at risk because of a situation we created ourselves. Many people don’t even realize how serious the situation actually is. So people need to be creative to work out new ideas that actually can save the planet. Also they need to have focus and mental balance. So, there’s a lot of, let’s say, mental qualities that leaders need to be a circular leader, that we can develop with meditation.” 

Egbert Mulder Quote12

“You see that mindfulness is already on many of those curricula. So, I think that many people realize that this is a quality that leaders need in the future. Simply because if they have not been able to develop these skills, you see that people don’t thrive anymore. And you see that people are suffering from depression and burnout. And you see that in all layers of the organization, but especially also in the leadership suits. We see that if people have not been trained these mind qualities, it will get very difficult for them to stay at that level.” 

Egbert Mulder Quote13

“Everyone is looking at him or her. So, what he or she is doing is the example for the rest of the organization. If he or she wants to lead the organization, then he or she first needs to lead him or herself. So, that means developing self-awareness and be able to deal with your fears and uncertainties etc. And then you will inspire other people, and they will believe you, and they will follow you, and they will work for you and they will actively participate in what the organization has to do.” 

Egbert Mulder Quote14

“That is something we really have to think about. What is the purpose of an organization and what can each individual contribute to this purpose?”

Egbert Mulder Quote 15

“Many organizations now a days, and especially the large organizations. But also hospitals, and schools , and all different profit and non-profit organizations offer mind training courses for their personnel and also in their leadership courses. I think that’s the only way to start and that should be the base of this development.” 

Egbert Mulder Quote16

“Well, I think that what we se now is that we are getting more and more role models. People that are successful in their organization, or successful organization with leaders that have gone into this awareness process, so to say. And other organizations might say “Hey, why is this organization so successful? Why are they able to change their course so good? Why are they able to deal with stress in such a successful way?” And then people realize: ‘Oh, this has something to do with the mind training that they offer to their leaders or to their employees’. So, I think that if you are successful people will ask what is the reason you are successful. And that is also the reason people really start to do this.” 

Egbert Mulder Quote17

“We are becoming more and more aware that we have cause some really serious damage to our planet.” 

Egbert Mulder Quote18

“So, if we actually embrace this dangerous future with a positive and creative mind, and maybe also with a lot of trust decide that we want to be part of the solution, then it’s a very exciting time because we all can contribute to the health and vitality of the planet.” 

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