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Podcast Quotes

Ralph Thurm Quote1

“We need to have economic system conditions that allow, that whoever is a player in these systems, to have incentives that actually not burden sustainability but benefit sustainability.”

Ralph Thurm Quote2

“There is no sustainable business in an unsustainable world.”

Ralph Thurm Quote3

“We are world champions in forecasting, from an unsustainable economic system, in stead of learning to backcast from a necessary economic system and then decide what the next steps actually need to be.”

Ralph Thurm Quote4

“What you see in companies is that career risk is overshadowing existential risk.”  

Ralph Thurm Quote5

“How to deal with the short- term versus long term dilemma when it comes down to sustainability. For example, do you have scenario’s? Because, how could you know, or how could you imagine a future that is necessary of you don’t even have scenario’s that forecast your own development?”


Ralph Thurm Quote6

“Everybody is risk-averse. And the understanding of risk is very much an outside in risk. So how are outside risks affecting the performance of your organization. Where there’s also an inside-out risk. What if I don’t react? What if I’m not part of the solution? What if I’m only part of a problem? That is not even assessed.” 

Ralph Thurm Quote7

“Many people in sustainability ask ridiculous questions like, what’s the business case for sustainability. Or what’s the ROI for sustainability? As if survival would not be good enough as a business case overall. “Board, what have you done to create system incentives that allow sustainability to be successful?” The answer is, they’ve done nothing.”

Ralph Thurm Quote8

“It is a necessity that an individual really starts to understand that the end goal really is to change our economic system designed towards achieving a green, inclusive and open economy. Because otherwise we will not reach that scalability.”

Ralph Thurm Quote9

“Is see that from the 80 to 85 thousand multinationals on this planet, about 8000 are publishing sustainability reports. Which is less than 10%.” 

Ralph Thurm Quote10

“What we have is not good enough.”

Ralph Thurm Quote11

“Those not convinced and not wanting to find their way into discussing what’s necessary, they would also come back with that point of “Yeah, you know, you need to take me by the hand. You need to speak my language. You need to take me from where I’m at.” And very often what we see is that there is a shift of mindset that’s really necessary. From what’s just practically possible, not “burn your fingers”, not taking career risk, to what is really necessary. If you develop that, it will give you a lot of, let’s say, possibilities to position yourself in that. To see where you’re at. To see where you can go to. How to develop those steps. And how to transform. Because in the end, without transformation this is all useless.” 

Ralph Thurm Quote12

“We are positive mavericks. We believe that it is possible. We are taking the positive aspect of being a maverick. And that makes us necessary-ists.  And we invite everybody to find that space in front of them. Which is wide open. And not just always have a stiff neck, by always looking backwards where the others are. Because this is where everybody steps on everybody’s toes. (Wout) You cannot innovate by looking in the rear-view mirror.” 

Ralph Thurm Quote13

“Recommending the necessary change.”   

Ralph Thurm Quote14

“So, if you don’t want to become part of the problem by just continuing what you do? So, how can we step out of this? How can we position ourselves in your work-ecosystem and understand where we stand, and learning how to change ourselves in order to then do that with our clients. This is again where scalability comes in.” 

Ralph Thurm Quote15

“They need to realize that standards just help you to cure symptoms currently.”

Ralph Thurm Quote16

“Start with purpose. Start with defining out of the purpose and connectedness to what is actually necessary what yo u ambition level in this is. How do you define what you contribution will actually be and then look at your own legacy. That’s part of the backcasting exercise we do: What should people to read on your grave stone?”

Ralph Thurm Quote17

“Define what sustainability can do for you.”

Ralph Thurm Quote18

“The single element is only fine if the whole is good.” 

Ralph Thurm Quote19

“I cannot describe a feeling of wellbeing if I know that others are not feeling well.” 

Ralph Thurm Quote20

“The economic system is lagging, while it should serve the human being.”

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